Our Vision

An era which has seen the world as we know, ascend and in some cases descend to a technology obsessed time. We as citizens have forgotten what makes us and our country unique. What is it that makes each country unique?
Identity Geeks believes it’s the culture, tradition and long forgotten art and folklore that make each and every country special. To bring about a change in our society and in our everyday lives, Identity Geeks has taken up a unique initiative. Through our industrious artisans and their exquisite handicrafts, we bring you one step closer to a world of handmade treasures from the interiors of India.
An initiative developed with the purest of intention to show the world the hidden gems of our country, we have brought on board numerous indigenous artisans from across the country. From brilliant design to exquisite and painstakingly intricate craft, our artisans have the platform to showcase their work so the world can enjoy and maybe, take away a small piece of our culture back home!
Come join us to create a world rich in beautiful culture, art, history, and heritage right from the heart of India!